Yacht Support Services Our focus is to take the burden off the crew's shoulders by attending to all details of ground coordination from A to Z. We provide a complete range of services to boats of all sizes,and offer constant and consistent professional services.

  • Port and marinas booking
  • Customs and immigration clearance. as wellas all o her necessary formalities
  • Bunkering including Tax free fueling
  • Provisioning
  • Technicaland repairs assistance
  • Conciergede. such as:
  • Laundry Service -- Restaurant & Hate/ Reservation -- Party Organizations -- Flower arrangements -- Cleaning of Yacht (Untemat and mot) -- Doctor appointments -- Beauty Spa arrangements -- Personal shopper -- Car Rental
  • TravelArrangements
  • Organizing excursions anditinerary planning
  • Tours and Transfers - including VIPVehicles
  • Office Services
  • Mobile phones and Internet Assistance
  • Sending and receiving parce s to/from worldwide destinations
  • Worldwide mai ing service
  • VISA and Seaman Book

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